Noelle E.1/05/14

"I love Ashton Diaz! Definitely book your next appointment here! She is passionate about hair, and it shows! She did a beautiful job on my extensions. It was a long process but went by so quickly because we had a lot of fun watching movies and chatting. She's officially my stylist now :)"

Jacqueline A.12/21/13

"Just want to say Ashton saved my hair!!! From a bad bad bad BAD haircut I got. I didn't think it was possible but she did the impossible and I thank her for it. :D <3"


"Go see her!!!"


"Ashton listens to what I want and does an amazing job. Love her honesty and commitment. Thanks, Ashton!"

Laura N.

"Ashton is amazing!! I have been going to see her for a few months now and she is so talented! Ashton really understands how to work with my difficult curly hair and customizes my cut and color each time. She is a delight and I would highly recommend her to anyone!!"

raimey j.

"I love Ashton Diaz! She does ammmazing hair!"

Tina A.

"Ashton is a wonderful hair stylist! She is so talented with color, cuts and extensions for those special ocassions! Her new Salon is classy but not too big...wait til you see it! I promise you will never go to anyone else once she has worked her magic on you:) Make an appointment today...you won't regret it! "

Matthew T.

"Ashton is a great hairstylist. She manages to do exactly what you were asking for be it shaping, layering or styling. My fiance raves about Ashton to everyone after each appointment with her. Ashton is friendly, professional and you will always leave her salon very pleased."


"I love Ashton Diaz! Definitely book your next appointment here! She is so good at knowing exactly what color/cut will work for my hair type."


Quotes  I love Ashton

by Dyane79

I have been looking for a good hairstylist for a long time since I have been in Austin. I found Ashton about a year ago and havent seen anyone else :) She listens to what I want and also gives me options. I have massive thick hair and it can be a pain to deal with. She does an excellent job with color and cut.
I always leave happy! Quotes
          Quotes  Ashton Is the worlds GREATEST!!!!!!!!!!!

by sTrawBerryTart

Even though I have worked with stylist (I am a massage therapist) I haven't had anyone do my hair as well and as beautifully as Ashton! She is so sweet and is very patient. She truely did exactly what I asked for and makes my hair look freakin' awesome everytime!! I am a follower for life! The salon is very relaxing and everyone there (yes even the ladies at the front desk) are super nice! Quotes


Quotes Great Salon Ask for Ashton!

by UTsenior

I am a student and all year I've been desperately trying to find a salon that's as good as the one I go to in Dallas.

This salon uses great products like Kerastase and it's got an upscale feel to it without the Dallas prices. I saw Ashton today and she did a GREAT job - I'm a little picky and she listened to all my wheezing before touching up my highlights beautifully.

She's a great conversationalist, too. I had come with a few papers that I had to work on and she focused on coloring, but once I was done she was ready to chat! I really enjoyed my experience with her and I think I finally found my salon-away-from-my-salon....Quotes


QuotesService and Stylist

by Ana Wright

The atmosphere is chic. The services provided are great. The staff is amazing and Ashton is fantastic! I would follow her anywhere....Quotes

         QuotesAshton is the best

by despinak

I used to flit from salon to salon until I met Ashton. I trust her judgment and ability implicitly. She is amazingly thorough. She cuts, styles, and cuts again to make sure every hair is exactly right. Best of all, the cuts grow in beautifully, which is the best indicator of a great stylist.Quotes

    QuotesLove it!

    by iheartPA

    I am new to Austin and have had the same stylist for MANY years, so needless to say I was nervous and did not know which salon to go to. I found Ashton online...and she is great!!! I immediatly loved her work on her website, and my hair turned out exactly how I wanted! I have recieved so many compliments and already refered a co-worker! I just set up my 2nd apointment to see Ashton and am VERY excited I found a great stylist here in Austin so quickly. Whole staff was very friendly as well. Make an apointment....you will not be dissapointed!Quotes



    QuotesI LOVE this place!

    Kacy H.

    Austin, TX
    It is beautiful, the people are fabulous and extremely nice, and the services are awesome!
    I have been going to Ashton Diaz for about 2 years now and she has put up with my constant desire to change my hair radically and every single time it is perfect and beyond my expectations. I will never go to anyone else and I am so glad the she has moved to Thomas Saverio. I love it! Quotes


    Quotes It's Good To Be Home!!


     Seriously,it is so good to be back in Austin Tx!! I needed a life changing experiance and a brand new look.I was out one day shopping and came across aqua blue. I gotta tell ya there' s nothen like great customer service,I was offered an ice cold beverage as I waited for Ashton Diaz to give me my new Austin look. I kinda had an idea what I wanted,she made me feel so comfortable and so relaxed. This girl knows what she's doing!! I am so impressed with how my new hair turned out. Ashton is super experianced,and professional im lucky to have found this salon. That girl is heaven sent,what an excellent stylist ,im so impressed! I've gone back twice now to see Ashton,and I must say my hair has'nt felt this good in a long time!!! I dont have to cry over damaged hair ever again. Thank you so much Ashton,and thanks to Aqua Blue!! Quotes



        Quotes   I had the same experience...except I was just new to the area...I had not had an easy time finding someone I was comfortable with and I am quite particular about my hair. I was able to walk-in and get full service. Ashton happened to be on call and cut my hair exactly the way I described it (without a picture!) and was really professional while being real. I will not go to anyone but Ashton now.Quotes


      Quotes  Ashton is the best!!!!


    Several years ago I decided to no longer get my hair done, I decided this after having horrible salon experiences and hated every second of getting my hair done. I was introduced to Ashton through her cousin, and absolutely loved her. I recently was casted in a reality tv show on mtv. I give partial credit to ashton for my getting on there cause she helped me get the rocker do i felt best represented me. Trust me, next time you see me on the reunion show i can bet I will have just stepped out of Ashtons chair! Thanks doll!!!Quotes

      Quotes    Ashton is awesome

      by cohiba91 at Citysearch

      I just received a complete hairstyle change from Ashton recently and I absolutely love it. She really knows what she is doing and I plan on usings her from know on. I have tried four different salons in the last few months and now I will never use anyone else.Quotes

       The most amazing stylist!


    I went to Salon Aqua Blue for the first time the other day and had an incredible experience! My stylist, Ashton, gave me the best cut, color, and style that I have ever received in my life! She was friendly, personable, and extremely attentive. She listened carefully to what I wanted to do with my hair, and then made some excellent suggestions based on my specifications. She made my hair look healthier, more vibrant, and more cutting edge than it has in years! In fact, when I went out that night, one of my best friends told me that my hair looked better than she had ever seen it! I had an important event that evening, and I received multiple compliments from many of the attendees. I am so grateful to Ashton for improving my appearance so drastically and helping me to feel good about myself! Did I mention that she waxes as well? She did an awesome job on my eyebrows, and when I walked out of that salon I felt like a new person! I would recommend Ashton to any and everybody! She is a superlative stylist! I love Salon Aqua Blue, and I love Ashton! Quotes



    Quotes  Complements to my rock'n stylist, Ashton at Salon Aqua Blue


     Salon Aqua Blue is a beautiful, trendy and clean salon. I enjoy all of the stylist there, especially Ashton. Ashton has cut and colored my hair many times, she's a lot of fun and does a great job. I'm a guy wmake this world a more beautiful place, through me!ho's always been told that I have a lot of hair, and weird/difficult curls and waves. Lucky for me Ashton's got skills! My hair always lays right, and I don't have to worry about rigorous explanation or re-cuts. Thanks Ash! You Quotes


     I don't know if it's the relaxing Austin "hip" atmosphere or the friendly stylists that make you want to stay and hang out...it certainly makes you want to keep going back. And you leave looking and feeling TEN years younger! Ashton is awesome....and GORGEOUS! You feel lucky to have someone who is so put together herself transforming you! She works wonders with color and she really listens to what you want with a cut! I've never seen anyone cut hair with such confidence and flair!Go by and check them out....INSIST on ASHTON ...you won't be sorry!!Quotes

      Ashton is amazing!!!


    Ashton was the first person to do my hair when I moved to Austin and I won't go anywhere else. She really listened to what I wanted and executed it perfectly. She always makes me feel welcome and even stays late to accommodate her clients. She's amazing at cutting and coloring. The salon itself is very nice with great art on the walls and everyone there is very nice. I strongly recommend making an appointment and finding your new hairstylist!!!Quotes

      Ashton was the best!


     I moved from NYC just about a year ago. I didn't know many people in town, so I picked this salon out of the "blue". Ashton did my color and cut and when I went home for the holidays last December, everyone remarked on my hair more than any other hair cut/color I've had in the past (included overpriced NYC salons!). Months later, I went back to Ashton, she not only remembered me, but made me feel better about the faux pax I had created when I tried to color my own hair. I came into the salon mortified w/ what I had done, but she fixed me up and gave me sage advice (to always trust someone else to do my color!) From now on, I will trust Ashton to do my color. Quotes

     Ashton is the best


    This was my second visit to this salon, but my first time with Ashton. My previous stylist moved back to Florida. I told Ashton that I wanted to keep the cut similiar but I wanted a fresher color. I also said I wanted it to have dimension and be shiny. She spent three hours coloring, cutting, and washing my hair but it looks amazing. She cut it wet, cut it dry and styled it nice and straight. My hair looks healthy and I have received tons of compliments. If you are looking for a stylist who can cut and color equally well, Ashton is the one for you!Quotes

     AWESOME Hairdo's, Great Prices, Great Service


    Its unique name, which stands out amongst it's contrastingly non-attention getting names of it's adjacent business neighbors is what first caught my eye. I was apprehensive about going since my luck elsewhere was not so great. But my mind was quickly put at ease when I saw the patrons leaving with great hair. I went inside. I could tell by looking at the interior that it is a newer business owned by someone who is trying very hard to make it different without breaking the bank. Blue paint, indie art, upbeat music, and nicely kept workstations are what I saw when I came in. The inside look has a ways to go with regards to design.

    I was immediately greeted by Robert (who's clients were walking out with great hair). He introduced me to Ashton (whom I expected to be male, but she is very much not), who would be doing my hair. Both were dressed very modernly. She squeezed me in for a later appointment and was honest about her schedule (I was a 'walk in). Upon returned, she offered to take my coat and a drink. She made sure to really research the haircolor I wanted, having me step into the light for a true match, asking me where I part my hair. Their service was SUPERB. Ashton, it seems, is a mind reader. I was tired of my same old cut, wanted something spunky, shorter, straighter. I'm in my 30's and needed a cut that was good for my profession, but didn't make me look all "mom-ish" (which some other stylist had tried to do to me- blech). I admited I'm lazy about doing my hair (naturally curly) in the mornings. She was not afraid to tell me the truth when it came to the style I wanted, and what I'd have to do to get it. When she was done, she BLEW my expectations away. If products were out of stock, she provided suggestions. I LOVE my new hairdo, thank you ASHTON, you ROCKED MY SOX.

    I found my new hairdresser. I want to make sure she stays in business. I got SO SICK of looking. If you are just as SICK of looking as I was - go to Aqua Blue AshtonQuotes